Healing Products – Teas & Herbs

Healing Products – Teas & Herbs

Grand Master Shih and Dr. Huang are now making available very special Chinese herbal teas, blended from secret formulas passed down within their families for generations. These herbs are Certified Organic, grown under the supervision of the Shih family in China in a beautiful mountain area, where the air is very fresh. Below is a list of teas for general healing purposes. Each one includes many wonderful herbs.

There are also many other new herbal blends for specific health conditions. To purchase these, you will need an in-person examination. To find out whether there is a healing tea for your needs, please contact us for an appointment.

Sheng Mai Tea

21 Bags – $15
Enhance heart function, adjust blood pressure, enhance microcirculation.

Weight Loss Tea & Herb

21 Bags – $15
Helps to balance metabolism and good for circulation and helps the energy.

Qi Zao Tea

21 Bags – $15
Invigorate Qi, promote production of body fluid. Nourish stomach spleen & liver, improve vision, strengthen constitution.

Healthy Tea

21 Bags – $15
Helps to balance the whole body and to strengthen your energy.

Immune System

21 Bags – $15
Strengthens immune system, cleans bad energy from body, prevents illness

Children’s Calm Tea

21 Bags – $15
Calms mind, nerves, helps sleep, helps immune system, aids circulation, and helps focus.

Maitake Mushroom Herb

21 Bags – $15
Helps to prevent cancer, releases toxins from chemotherapy, strengthens the immune system, helps hypertension, high blood pressure, fatigue, chronic viral disease, anxiety, menopause, insomnia due to depletion, weekness, and roscasea.

Number One Herb Yin Bei Tea (Immune System Strengthener)

Number One Herb is an extremely powerful blood cleanser, especially helpful with problems of the liver. It cleanses both red and white blood cells while balancing the energy (Yin-Yang) circulation, thus strengthening the immune system to help ward off disease. Number One Herb comes in powder form. Simply dissolve in water and drink for a long, healthy, productive life. 7 packets are a one-week supply. Ingredients: Astragalus Membranacus, Radix Codonopsis

Jiagulan Tea (Memory Tea)

This wonderful herbal tea is also known as “Brain Tea”. Drink throughout the day and your memory will improve, your intelligence will increase, and your blood circulation and metabolism will quicken, leaving you feeling healthy and alert. Good for your liver and stress. Made entirely from Gynostemma Pentaphylla straw with nothing else added. Awarded numerous medals in China. 40 herbal tea bags provide a 15-day supply. Ingredient: Gynostemma Pentaphylla

West Lake Stop Smoking Tea

Many people wish to stop smoking, but the highly addictive nature of nicotine is just too powerful. Here’s the answer. This tea was actually used in ancient times as a remedy for opium addiction among the Chinese nobility. Based on the ‘Fog Tea’ of Tien Tu Mountain, it consists of a special formula of over 15 herbs which act synergistically to cleanse the blood, strengthen the immune system, increase vital energy, and combat addictive cravings. 14 teabags provide a two-week supply. Ingredients: Lotus Seeds, Ginseng Leaves, Lucid Asparagus, Betel Nut

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