Healing Products – Featured Book

Healing Products – Featured Book

Chinese Medial Qigong Therapy Volume II: The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy


Chinese Healing Arts Center is happy to announce publication of a long-awaited new book by Grand Master T.K. Shih and Melanie Shih. This unique, useful and important volume has huge theoretical value, and moreover, also great practical value to practitioners of Qigong and the Chinese medical sciences.

The human body is an extremely precise instrument that contains inherent mechanisms to treat illness and prevent disease. By exercising the body, the breath, and training the mind, we can enjoy a long life, unfading health, and happiness.

This book teaches how to open the meridians so that Qi and blood circulates freely, and how to make the vital energies of Jin, Qi and Shen strong. Chinese Medical Qigong is a natural way of health and healing. By practicing the methods in this book you can learn to prevent disease, treat illness, promote wisdom and longevity, and develop latent abilities. The methods listed in this book are easy to learn and practice, and they have evident effects.

“Remember to practice Jin, Qi and Shen every day. Always keep yin and yang in balance and your blood circulating smoothly. May you enjoy health, long life and a happy family!”

Grandmaster Tzu Kuo Shi, OMD, L.Ac.

The practice of Qigong has played a very important role throughout the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its presence and power has been documented by all of the Chinese Dynasties. Fundamental concepts such as breathing (Tu Na), guiding emery (Dao Yin), stability (Ding Gong), meditation (Gin Gong), internal force (Nei Gong), and quiet sitting (Zou Wan) have guided medical practitioners for centuries.

This book is rich and practical with both theories and methods of Qigong. It is edited according to the lectures given by my father, Grand Master Tzu Kuo Shih. These lectures were on the subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories and Qigong, the regimen under TCM, and the way to build the human body, develop intellect, prolong life, and protect from illness. Lectures were given from 1981 to 2008 throughout the country. Locations included South West Acupuncture College, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York Medical College, and at workshops taught by Grand Master Shih at his family’s own centers: the Chinese Healing Arts Center…

…I prefer to use his words in summary: “Wonders could only be reached with no desires.” “Where there is thought, there is effort and skills.” These are not empty words, but truths….

—Excerpts from the Forward to the book by Melanie Wen Mei Shih, OMD, L.Ac. Director, Chinese Healing Arts Center, Kingston, NY

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