Healing Products – Books & Videos by Grandmaster Tzu Kuo Shi, OMD, L.Ac.

Healing Products – Books & Videos by Grandmaster Tzu Kuo Shi, OMD, L.Ac.

  • Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy – Volume II: The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy


    A book by Grand Master T.K. Shih and Melanie Shih. This unique, useful and important volume has huge theoretical value, and moreover, also great practical value to practitioners of Qigong and the Chinese medical sciences. Read additional details and excerpts from the book

  • Qi Gong Therapy Book – The Chinese Art of Healing with Energy


    A book by Grand Master T.K. Shih. This long-awaited volume, the text of Master Shih’s Qi Gong Therapist Training Program, includes an overview of Qi Gong theory and practice, quotations from traditional Chinese literature, philosophy and medical works The book is an important source of information on understanding and directing mind and energy for both practitioner and therapist, plus beautiful illustrations, charts and diagrams.

  • Swimming Dragon Book


    A Chinese Way to Fitness, Beautiful Skin, Weight Loss & High Energy A book by Grand Master T.K. Shih with movement-by-movement photographs, diagrams and written explanations of this practice and Qi Gong theory. Excellent in conjunction with the video or by itself.

  • Swimming Dragon DVD


    Swimming Dragon is an ancient Taoist Qigong form. It helps to build Qui, improve circulation, promote well being, beautifies the skin, helps to reduce weight, tones the body, calms the mind, enhances flexibility in joints and spine, improves balance and posture, massages internal organs and muscles and helps you feel happy and peaceful.

  • Chinese Medical Tuina Video & Instruction Book


    Approx. 90 minutes. Written by Dr. Tzu Kuo Shih OMD L.Ac. This video is divided into two parts.

    Part I mainly introduces indications, contraindications, and attention in the treatment of tuina and a brief history of tuina. It shows the nine most commonly used techniques.

    Part II, introduces the applications of forty tuina techniques on the body and their curative effects. Comes with an instruction book.

  • Commonly-Encountered Diseases Treated By Chinese Herbal Medicine Video & Instruction Book


    This videotape (approx. 45 minutes) introduces Chinese medical diagnosis and Chinese herbal therapy for commonly encountered diseases such as the common cold, headache, neurasthenia, pains in the joints and bones, acute gastroenteritis, and nasal problems; and also explains the relation between the family flower growth and medical healthcare in accordance with the situation of flower growth in families. Comes with an instruction book.

  • Chinese Healing Arts Center Meditation Music 2 Cd Set

    $25.00 per set

    Music for Meditation. This music accompanied the Qi Healer Intensive, Level 1.

  • Guan Yin Gong Meditation Music CD


    Meditation music used for the practice of Guan Yin Gong.

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