Wu Tang Chuan Kuang Asscociation & Newsletter

Wu Tang Chuan Kuang Asscociation & Newsletter

The Wu Tang Chuan Kung Association has been founded by Doctor Tzu Kuo Shih and his family for the purpose of providing the American public with information about and instruction in the ancient Chinese arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, and traditional Chinese medicine. Membership in the Association entitles you to a 10% Discount on all workshops, invitations to special demonstrations, subscription to this newsletter, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the CHAC.

Join or Renew Your Association Membership

You may join the Association (or renew an existing membership) by providing a 2×2 photo of yourself, reports from your patients and an fee of $25. Fees may be paid by mail or online (see below). Current members are required to renew their certification every year.

By Mail

Click on the link to print out a form to mail with your photo and reports to Chinese Healing Arts Center, 266 Smith Ave., Kingston, NY 12401. Enclose a check or money order payable to Chinese Healing Arts Center. Mail-in Form (PDF format)

Pay Online

If you would like to make your membership payment online, click on the link below (online applications are not complete until we receive your photo and patient reports; mail these to Chinese Healing Arts Center, 266 Smith Ave., Kingston, NY 12401 or bring them by the office). Please indicate if this is a first-time membership or a renewal:

I am paying my $25/yr Association membership fee for (select one of the following):

Wu Tang Chuan Kuang Association Newsletter

Recent issues of the newsletter included articles about “Qi Healers: Carrying On…” by Melanie Shih OMD, L.Ac., “I first saw Grandmaster Tzu Kuo Shih…” by Maurice Lavigne, “My Path to Qi Healing” by John Skeats, “Qi Healer’s Day in Danbury” by Masters Brian Coffey & Fran Maher, news from the activities of the Shih family, latest product offerings, and much more.

Download and print or read online the latest Issue (PDF format).

Subscription for Non-Association Members: Your membership in the Association (see above) entitles you to a free subscription to the newsletter; if you would like to receive the newsletter without joining the Association, please choose that option on the Mail-in Form (PDF format) or online by making a payment of $10 per year through the link below:

I am not an Association member, but I would like to subscribe to the newsletter: