Kim Boldrini-Senn, L.Ac., MSTOM

Kim Boldrini-Senn, L.Ac., MSTOM

Kim has studied and worked in healthcare for two decades. A debilitating three-week long migraine brought her into the world of Acupuncture where she learned about the tremendous healing potential and power of it.

After studying psychology and pre-med she had a calling to learn healing in Hawai’i. She moved from NYC to Oahu and studied under 64th generation Daoist Master Shihfu Lillian Chang, PhD. At the end of her studies she recollected that she had practiced Qi Gong and herbal medicine under her pine tree as a child and her passion of healing was brought full-circle.

Kim has a special place in her heart for working with children and pregnant women as well as those affected by stress and chronic ailments. She has worked at a world-renown Cancer Center since 9/11 and is especially sensitive to those seeking pain relief and emotional support. She tries to get to the root of any issue and uncover emotions that may be a contributing factor. Underlying emotions lead directly to the decisions we make that form the state of our health and immune system, illness, and disease.

Kim’s first concern is to care for and get to know her patients. She works with patients on their health through conversation, education, clearing of emotions, personalized nutrition and lifestyle education, Qi Gong/ Reiki and chakra energy work, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Bach Flower Essences, essential oils, Tibetan singing bowls, and whatever comes along her way. Her patients are her teachers and each one has their own journey to their path.

Kim has recently returned to the East coast after living-in and having successful practices in Hawai’i and Portland, Oregon. She lives in the Hudson Valley with her wonderful three year old son, Oliver. She is very happy to be practicing alongside this wonderful team at Chinese Healing Arts Center.